Seedling Development


Are you paying too much for applications full of features that you don't use?

Instead of buying licenses for applications that were built for the largest possible audience, I believe that you should be able to pay a one-time fee for an application that you own and that is made specifically for you and your business needs.

That is exactly what Seedling has to offer.


When I was working in industrial automation, the bulk of our code was generated using an in-house source generator written by one of the other engineers at the company. The source generator allowed us to use templates to create a standardized codebase for every project - not only speeding up the initial development process, but also removing the nearly inevitable bugs that would have resulted due to human error and saving the company unaccountable work-hours in debugging.

In addition to the source generator, I found plenty of opportunities to write my own scripts to automate tasks along the rest of the project lifecycle. I ended up with a folder full of scripts that I could reuse with every project by simply tweaking a few parameters. Automating the simple tasks made my workflow a lot more efficient and allowed me to focus on the parts of my job that required more creativity and problem-solving skills - making me a happier, more engaged employee.

Inspired by the source generator and my experience writing automation scripts, I will work with you to build custom automation software that will increase your company's productivity and allow your employees to spend their time more meaningfully.

No recurring license fees.

No useless features.

Just software that works the way you want it to.

Custom Applications

I will consult with you and your employees to develop the perfect custom application to meet your needs.

Whether it's a cross-platform, native, or web application, I can create a variety of solutions to help with:

  • Data Visualization

    Custom dashboards to give you insights on your data

  • Task Automation

    Software to automate your workflow

  • File Manipulation

    Applications to parse and reformat your files

...and more!

I will always be available to perform updates, such as adding new features, however ownership of the program will belong to you.

Automation Scripts

If you feel like a fully built-out application is more than you need, I also offer a lower cost solution:

  • Scripting

    Code files to run your more basic tasks

I will create scripts in your desired language that you and your employees can run from the command prompt on any platform.

Custom scripts have the added benefit of being completely transparent so you can manipulate the code as much as you need to accomplish your goals.


Seedling Development

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Nelson, BC